Friday, 9 August 2013

Starting Youtube

I just uploaded a post on my other blog - - about starting Youtube so I thought I would write it over here as well to give you all heads up! I will be posting my first video some time next week and I would love it if you would all subscribe. I will be uploading book hauls, tags and reviews as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle things.
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Monday, 5 August 2013

Small Book Haul

I really do love buying books and what is even better than buying books is buying cheap books which is why I spend an awful lot of time rooting around charity shops to find absolute bargains to add to my ever expanding collection. These books I bought on holiday and were mostly books I have been wanting to find for some time so to find them for such a cheap price instead of having to pay the full £8 in Waterstone's contributed to my happiness greatly.
So, on with the haul!

After all the movie adaptations I have seen of this I was initially reluctant to read this however I saw a great review of it and it sounded really interesting - nothing like the big Hollywood movies. Apparently it deals with many moral issues like playing God and also talk upon themes like childhood and love so I thought it would be a great book to read.

I had no idea what this book was about when I bought it but for just 20p I wasn't going to say no. Apparently it is a bit of a sci-fi style book and has a Captain Nemo in it - being a Disney geek I then had to buy it!

I watched the film of this in my English Lit class and it really is so beautiful - everyone was welling up at the end. It is really interesting and, although it is ultimately about death, it is truly life affirming and it makes you really think in a different light. I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants a good dytopian novel to read.

That was all my books in this little haul. If you would like to see more hauls be sure to let me know.

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