Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Grammar Of Us

When I receive a text,
From you,
Reading and rereading your pretty words.
Grinning at your spelling mistakes
And the random, irregular punctuation

You are irregular
And I hope our life will flow together
Without a misplaced comma
Or a premature full stop.

But I am not sure.
I do not have the same capacity
To throw in a shower of punctuation
And just go with what I feel to be
The right way to spell a word.

Maybe I am over thinking it all.
It is just that I have never met your likeness
And I worry that,
If I leave here a line without decisive punctuation,
Will it just trail on?
Or will it end,
By the hand of another,
Penciling in a few dashes and dots?


  1. Its funny how everything about the person we love makes sense and absolutely no sense at all.


  2. Oh I adore this! Grammar has never been sexier or sweeter. I'm the same as you. I can't stand not knowing something and going with my gut can be hard for me. But when you do just let go and go with your gut, it's amazing what will happen.